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We are committed to keeping our rental fleet like new. If buying isn't an option for you, rent today! Call to get your name on the list as we do our best to shuffle equipment to serve as many customers as we can.

Frieling's Rental Department: 1-888-453-2924

Ask how your rental amount can be applied to purchase!

Rental Equipment Make Model Working Width Operating Weight Details Specs
Diamond Disk Summers Mfg DK9530 25' 22,100 lbs Specs
Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreaders Chandler 8 Ton 60' Spread Specs
Truck Mount Fertilizer Spreaders 2015 Peterbilt with Chandler 12 Ton 80' Spread 36,000 GVW Automatic Transmission
Heavy Harrows Rite Way Mfg JH7160 62' 12,225 lbs Specs
Rite Way Mfg JH7150 50' 10,245 lbs Specs
Kwik-Till Norwood Kwik Till 34' 24,000 lbs Specs
Land Rollers Rite Way Mfg F-5 62' 30,250 lbs Specs
Rite Way Mfg F-3 44' 22,100 lbs Specs
Self Propelled Sprayers John Deere 4830 100' 25,300 lbs 1000 gallon, Auto Steer, Auto Rate,
Section Control, Auto Height
John Deere 4940 120' 33,240 lbs 1200 gallons Specs
Vertical Tillage Summers Mfg VRT2530/3530 30' 27,400 lbs Specs
Wishek Disk Wishek 842NT 30' 29,200 lbs Specs

What Our Customers are Saying About Our Dealership

"I'm still impressed with your service! Thanks for a good deal on a great vac!"

– Dan Logterman, Manhattan, MT

"I have always wanted to purchase a Walker mower. I believe they out perform any other riding mower. Frieling's sells the best equipment in town."

– Terry Scharberg, Great Falls, MT

"My son and I are very pleased with the new Walker mower. It makes the smoothest cut and the steering is great. The sales presentation was great. Thanks."

– Clarence Lohse, Havre, MT

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